Move your body. Move your bones. Move your habits. Move your digestion. Move your blood circulation thru all of your body. Move your thoughts. Move your mindset. Move your neuro connections. Move your old ideas aside. Move your heart. Move forward. Move towards new. Move with your breath. Move to stillness. Move to clarity. Move as yourself.

The program consist of daily 20-30 minute guided movement classes inspired by the disciplines of dance, barre and yoga bonded together by Mindfulness. That means that the primal focus of these classes is for You to learn to listen to how your body feels and responses to the movement given, for you to begin to foster awareness to what feels good in your body, what makes you your strongest, most empowered self.


I have been a dancer ever since I can remember, and if I had a dollar for every time people have told me “Gaby, I can’t dance” I would have retired already! I believe that if you have a body, you can dance. You may not dance like me, or like that other person you saw at Dancing with the stars, or not even that one cousin that is really good at dancing at weddings, and how could you? You have a different body, a different story, different needs , and different emotions and sensations. My goal is not to make you a professional dancer, my goal is to help you practice sparking joy with the body you have. Dance is a deep joyful expression of our human experience, and is meant to be unique to one self. What people are really telling me when they say they can’t dance, is that they do not believe they too can feel joy in their bodies, because somewhere along their path someone or something told them that their bodies were wrong or the way they moved was not “good”. And that is just not true. As a performer, I have learn that audiences are the happiest when I am my happiest on stage. That means that we love to see others loving what they do or who they are. It inspires us, it gives us hope, it gives us a glance into beauty and most important, it reminds us that all of that is on us as well, even if we don’t believe it yet.

30 days of movement is an introduction to movement, simple yoga inspired classes that help you take off on the path of connecting to your body. I encourage you to move as your body wants to for the day and offer you ideas for those days on where you are not sure how to. My teachings come from my personal experience on accepting the way my body moves, on daring to be myself and allowing myself to feel the joy, because I strongly believe that if we can be our most genuine selves we can move from a place of integrity, a place where our thoughts and desires are aligned with our potential, we can then help ourselves and as a result, help others.



Simple, just make the commitment to take one 20-30 minutes Mindful Movement class every day for 30 days. Then subscribe to my Youtube Chanel to watch the videos. Lastly, join me on Instagram “gabyadianes” to continue the journey.